Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Balboa Island Beach Cottage

This quirky and colorful cottage looks like the perfect place to prop up one’s feet and enjoy an old movie or a great book on a hot summer afternoon. The bright palette breaks up the crisp white and the bold and funky patterns engage your eyes. Southern California based interior designer Krista Ewart has a knack for the whimsical while deftly avoiding cutesy. Love it!

Interior Design by Krista Ewart.

Photographs by Victoria Pearson for House Beautiful.

Thanks to Liz over at Shorely Chic for the better pic heads up! ;)


  1. oooooo when can I move in??????


  2. Love your blog! We shared one of your photos on our blog and credited you with a link directly back to your site. Thank you for your inspiration! It is wonderful. we wanted to contact you privately, but didn't see an email address. We apologize if there was in deed another way. You can check out our blog at with your photo.

    Warmly xo,
    jamie and kristen